Channel Precision Services

We believe that the Amazon 3rd party platform will continue to revolutionize and disrupt the retail landscape. All companies must have a very concise strategy to ensure success on this massive sales channel. While taking advantage of the huge market opportunities that exist, the strategy must include the enhancement of your brand and the protection of your brick and mortar sales channels.  Channel Precision assures maximum success on Amazon for profitable revenue and brand protection. 

Product Listing Creation and Inventory Updating

  • Channel Precision creates quality Amazon listings for all products consistently and repeatedly offering full visibility to the potential customer.
  • Maximize sales opportunity by having listings created and ready for upload before product arrives to a distribution center or warehouse.
  • Bulk listing upload management capabilities results in immediate changes to all product listing information.
  • Maintain accurate inventory levels for all available products to reduce and eliminate the out of stock rate.
  • Inventory comparison from day-to-day reveals new product listing opportunities which are uploaded for immediate availability.

Price Management and MAP Monitoring

  • Execute the established pricing strategy by SKU.
  • MAP monitoring and reporting. Provide detailed reports to assist with determining MAP offenders with no upcharge on SKU count.
  • Stop playing Whack-a-Mole: Paying employees to police Amazon yourself comes with high costs and frustrating results.
  • Proof of violations are submitted to customer to take action. Process includes night and weekend monitoring (when most violations occur).
  • Assisting in locating rogue sellers on Amazon who are not authorized and/or approved to sell product.

Amazon Ordering, Logistics and Tracking Services

  • Channel Precision will receive Amazon orders on a daily basis and submit to your warehouse for distribution.
  • Capable of submitting orders via B2B, .csv, FTP, EDI, fax, phone, etc. Dependant on the request of the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Upload shipping and tracking information ensuring Amazon metric compliance.
  • Capable of generating shipping labels to assist with fulfillment.
  • We provide clients with our operational excellence model to maximize revenue and enhance your brand while maintaining perfect metrics on Amazon.

Customer Service

  • Amazon returns and refunds: process in a timely manner and prepare product for immediate re-listing.
  • All email and phone responses with customers provided by Channel Precision. Robust process used to receive positive feedback to facilitate the 100% Amazon customer service rating.
  • Monitor customer feedback and product feedback.
  • Amazon communications
    • A-Z claims
    • Negative Feedback Removal
    • Case log management
    • Chargeback claims
    • Buyer messages
    • Performance notification assistance

Data Reporting

  • Amazon Prime Stocking Suggestions. Provides the data necessary to strategically select successful FBA inventory.
  • Returns data analysis. Reporting primary customer concerns on specific items to help pinpoint return trends.
  • Use data from end-consumer sales in order to keep up with what’s trending with your brand and evaluate possible product expansion opportunities.
  • Use data from end-consumer sales for efficient production of goods to get a better outlook on inventory.